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Obituary for Lillian Margaret Brudnak (Manthey)

My Mom, my friend, my confidant, my partner in crime,… and after my transplant she was even my home nurse. Lillian Margaret Manthey Brudnak never met a stranger and always tried to brighten the day of each person she met. People felt compelled to help this helpless woman, but she raised two sons, was a working mother, a teacher’s aid, a secretary, a notary public, a clerk at a title insurance company and earned a pension from working at child protective services. She lived independently well into her eighties and her likability broke down many barriers.

Mom loved to laugh and brought a balance to the family contrasting with Dad’s serious business-like demeanor. She never failed to, on purpose, entertain the doctors and nurses whenever she went in for medical treatment, but she did not need much medical treatment until 2-3 years ago.

Mom loved to read, was an unflappable speller, enjoyed sewing and knitting, making her own clothes. For us, she made hats and scarfs and mittens that got soaked making snowballs and snowmen. Mom liked sitting on the floor. That’s where we were. It was easy for me to talk to Mom because she was quick to listen to my problems and she never judged me. It was easy to accept her help with my homework. She made herself assessable to us emotionally and would talk to us as a peer sometimes but we always knew she was “THE MOTHER” as she would often say. She was also a kid. She would let us slide from side to side on the back seat of her corvair car. The back seat would turn down and become a slippery shelf. When she make a turn we would slide to one side and when she turned the other way we would slide again. I think she enjoyed it as much as we did. I also think she took the long curvy way home.

Mom was a member of two wonderful organizations here in Gorman, Dorcas and she attended the Church of Christ with her good friend Louise. However! there was no question that she considered herself Catholic…. and she told everybody too. She attended Catholic school for her entire education and had stories about nuns and rulers that would make you put your hands in your pockets.

Mom didn’t receive the attention she wanted when she was growing up and tried to do the opposite with her sons. She found out she was adopted just before her wedding. Her widowed mother moved in with Dad and Mom early on and it was a little rocky. Dad grounded grandma Manthey. He took the door off of her room because she misbehaved by slamming the door. Mom took care of business in her own way. We sometimes took for granted that dinner would be served every night, but it was, every night and every night we ate together as a family and talked about EVERYTHING during supper.

Mom got her first traffic ticket at age 76…. I got mine at age 16…. she was no stranger to adversity, nor to unconditional love. Shortly before her passing, when she was still alert and was still the Lil we all know, she received the last rites by our priest in Arlington. Afterwards she proclaimed “I have a full pardon!” We all know where Mom is now. She has been searching for her savior her entire life and has finally found him and will be with Him for all eternity.

Oh, by the way, she was born January 3, 1929, graduated high school 1946 and got married August 15, 1956.