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Obituary for Bob Howard Dunwell

Bob Dunwell was born June 12, 1937, in Missoula, MT to Leo and Evelyn Dunwell. As a young man, Bob loved cars and built his own stock car from scratch that he raced in Montana and Canada. He attended The University of Montana and served in The National Guard. In the early 1960s, Bob moved to Spokane, WA, with his first wife, Carol, and his adopted children, Scott and Sherry. His daughter, Cindy, was born in 1964. He worked as a car salesman for Cadillac and Ford; and served as an Assistant Pastor at Living Faith Church and Christian Community for five years.

In 1980, Bob moved to Texas, where he met Beth, and the two were married April 11, 1981. He attended International Bible College in San Antonio, Texas for two years, and then the couple moved to Beth's grandfather's farm near Gorman. Bob had an auto repair shop in town and loved "fixing" all kinds of things, including houses. In 1987, he organized the move of John B. Stephens' historic 1902 home to their land for remodeling. During the 1990s, Bob taught at Trinity Christian Academy and at The Light House Academy, where he was affectionately known as "Mr. D."

Bob enjoyed being with people, sharing meals and laughter, and especially the life and love of Our Lord Jesus Christ. His beautiful heart and bright smile will always be remembered.